Executive Coaching

Speak and lead with confidence

Become a more effective leader by improving your communication skills. Our confidential one-on-one coaching will help you develop executive presence and a compelling personal narrative, so you can inspire others, share your vision, and speak with authenticity.

Our expertise includes:

  • Executive presence

  • Strategic storytelling

  • Media training

  • Speechwriting and panel preparation

  • Sensitive conversations

  • Decision-oriented meetings

Who Will Benefit

Executive coaching is for professionals committed to taking their leadership communication to the next level, including corporate and nonprofit executives, politicians and government officials, lawyers, doctors, athletes, teachers and social-change advocates.


Each coaching relationship begins with a learning conversation to explore your needs and our potential fit. We develop a customized training proposal, with objectives, time-frame and fee based on your specific goals. You decide when you’re ready to move forward.

our Approach

Depending on your location and schedule, coaching sessions may be face-to-face or via videoconference. When possible, we’ll observe your communication in real-life situations, so we can give performance-based feedback and track your progress. We may also use video recording or 360º interviews to help reveal areas for improvement and align your performance with audience perceptions. Methods depend on your specific situation.

For leaders seeking periodic strategic counsel, we offer retainer-based consulting. You can feel confident knowing there’s help you can rely on.

“The hardest person you will ever have to lead is yourself.”

– Bill George, Discover Your True North

Recent Assignments

Coached the director of a leading medical center on storytelling with data

Coached a network television producer on body language and broadcast presence

Coached the digital-engagement manager of a major public-health NGO on anxiety-reduction techniques for public speaking


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