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Our Advantage

At PUBLIC SPHERE, you’ll work with our award-winning consultants to acquire life-changing communication and leadership skills. We use proven behavioral-learning techniques to help you make rapid progress, sharing practical frameworks that you can build on.


Our consultants are leaders in the field of strategic communication, with cross-sector and cross-border experience. We advise senior executives at well-known organizations. We teach at top universities and publish regularly in the business press.

Jesse Scinto

Jesse Scinto

Founder & CEO

Diane Rubino

Diane Rubino

Senior Consultant

Visible results

We believe results should be visible and measurable. We’ll help you identify goals and appropriate success metrics. Our training programs incorporate video review, so you can literally see your progress. Our strategic consulting is based on your objectives.

Personal Benefits

When you master the art of public speaking, you’ll likely experience a greater sense of self-efficacy, enhanced reputation at work, and an increased willingness to engage in the public sphere. You’ll discover that you can improve your own situation and the world around you.

“Words are always at the heart of all our problems, and the beginning of all our solutions.”

– Ijeoma Oluo


“I have to say this was the most valuable public speaking training I have attended to date. I’ve tried improv and went through a professional training offered to a Toastmasters club, but never quite experienced this level of having made a lot of progress in such a short time.”

– Beata Souders, Human Resources, Tapestry

“Jesse delivered a fantastic media training at Bloomberg TV Bulgaria. In a very interactive session, he provided targeted feedback that allowed all of us to make very quick progress.”

Tanya Krusteva, Editor-in-Chief, Bloomberg TV Bulgaria

“Jesse prepared me for an important keynote at a major international conference. His advice was critical in fine-tuning my message and ultimately my delivery.”

Dr Hossein Sadeghi, Director, Sue and John L. Weinberg Cystic Fibrosis Center, Columbia University Irving Medical Center

“Jesse taught us to speak convincingly, and now his name comes up a lot. Team members point out a well-executed slide by saying, ‘As you see, I paid attention during Jesse’s training.’ Or they excuse a less-than-perfect presentation with, ‘Now I realize this is a Jesse Scinto don’t.’ He provided individual tips, and we all came out feeling more confident.”

Sylvia Zareva, Director of Publications at the America for Bulgaria Foundation

“I’m super grateful to the people I did this workshop with, and of course to Jesse Scinto. It was an incredible, challenging and out-of-the-box experience. I came home feeling empowered and ready to face my public speaking fears with presence.”

– Julian Acevedo, Visual Designer, sparks & honey

“Jesse gave us specific techniques that we were able to practice immediately in a supportive environment. He obviously has a lot of experience to draw from, and he brings a sense of humor to his coaching. That’s the best part!”

– Beth Carmody, Communications Strategist

“Jesse is a favorite among guest speakers. His knowledge and experience are matched by a calm, powerful presence. When a speaker fully embodies the concepts they’re presenting, as Jesse always does, they have the power to impact their audience.”

David Grad, Emmy winner and co-founder, Elevator9

"This Executive Presence workshop built my confidence and made me more at ease with public speaking. Jesse inspired me to actually want to continue practicing beyond the class!"
Michael Rycheck, CRM Advisor


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